1. Yo come to my art show there is free wine and art and music

  2. yaknar:

    Proud to present “difference anymore”, a new skate part filmed over summer, 2013 in Eugene, Oregon.

    The accompanying song is “Take Me To Your Dealer” by Night of Joy. Their music can be heard at http://wearenightofjoy.bandcamp.com/

  3. yaknar:

    Diamond Tooth photo zine has been reprinted!

    It’s 52 pages of black and white photographs and words of summer magic. Trains, dice, graffiti, swimming, dogs, hipster babes, and naked butts. 

    Made in 2012, 8.5” x 7”, on white, legal size paper with a cream cover. $2 plus $2 shipping, available at http://www.diamondtooth.bigcartel.com/

  4. Piñata contents

  5. Fire crackers

  6. Slap the bag

  7. Broken bicycle and a ruined love life

  8. Boxhound and storm clouds

  10. An outlaw by degree

  11. Zine machine

  13. Smashing forks and spoons

  14. The sun is shinning on the bridges of the Willamette